Like a midget at a urinal,
I was going to have to stay on my toes.

About Dennis Lee

I am a British entrepreneur from Manchester, England specialising in children’s retail. This does mean I seem to find most of my time generally consists of arguing with suppliers, finding additional warehouse space and travelling the length and breadth of this country.

I have a particular fondness for travelling to the extremities of the United Kingdom and have been fortunate to visit some truly spectacular places, made even more so having my wife accompany me.

First things first. Are you sure you have the right ‘Dennis Lee’?
Do not confuse me with a popular American entertainer or delude yourself into thinking I can give you free electricity from something called a Hummingbird or ever imagine that I can write childrens poetry in Canada. Furthermore, you cannot book me as your wedding photographer or ever listen to me playing a Hammered Dulcimer (whatever that is!). Amazingly (read coincidently) I happen to share the same great name as these individuals: ‘Dennis Lee’ — nothing more to it than that. However, the volume of email I receive from people who systematically fail to read any of the above is equally amazing!

That said, if you’ve managed to read as far as this paragraph, not been deterred and still think you’re quite confident you have the right Dennis Lee then you can contact me using the contact link somewhere up there.

If you’re into the social thing you can find me on various ‘social’ platforms at the bottom of the page. I’m mostly active on twitter and you can follow me here:

Domain Management / Programming / Design / SEO

You will need to head on over to my productivity and development side-project at . Unfortunately, it’s not updated quite as often as I would like as I genuinely am unbelievably busy. Despite that, I do respond to all non-spam requests; I look foward to seeing you there.

On occasion, I release the source code to various projects I have worked on. A couple of examples being the two scripts on the right displaying in real-time my twitter feed and recently played music tracks (don’t judge me on poor music taste!)

Message to the spammers

I receive the tedious “We would like to get your website on first page of Google using only whitehat techniques” and “We are interested to increase traffic to your website” email every day and would you believe after five years of this spam I am still not interested? K THX BYE.